Chess In School

 To promote chess by conducting an after school activity in which chess will be taught to students.  We aim to create the interest, among  the young individuals and schools,  about chess and its advantages to them. Learning chess not only will improve the students ability to play chess better but also will help in the development of their personal life. This will result in not only producing better chess players but also better individuals.



To get associated with as many schools as possible to spread our mission about chess. Thus we want to spread the game of chess and its advantages to an individual’s life to all young students.



At present there are two schools running the program:-

  • Amanora School, Hadapsar
  • Janana Prabhodhini Prashala.

We will be associating with many more schools shortly.



  • The Chess in School program is an one-year program consisting of 32 lectures of 45min each.
  • The syllabus taught, will be provided by KICE. This syllabus is approved by the recognized governing body of chess.
  • The trainers/ coaches will be recommended by KICE to the schools. (depending on the needs of the school)
  • The progress of the students will be regularly assessed and required changes in the program will be made accordingly. 
  • The students will be tested for their progress by conducting two exams, tournament (within the students) and other extra curricular activities such as art, craft, newspaper cuttings, essays, elocution, etc. (all related to chess)
  • The schools and KICE will be regularly informed about the progress of the individuals.
  • Certification of the School, trainer and the students will be done after the completion of the program.
  • Proper training will also be provided to the trainers and teachers if required.
  • Regular visits by us to the schools will be done to evaluate the progress of the individuals and the schools.

Talent Identification

  • The individuals will be assessed through the exams and tournaments and the bright talents will be identified.
  • These individuals will be able to participate in various tournaments and camps.
  • Proper guidance to develop the game further will be provided.